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My Bar Method journey began two months after my daughter Avery was born. I was busy learning to balance being a mother of two small children and working full time. There wasn’t much time in the day to work out. I was feeling sorry for myself and worried I would never reclaim my pre-pregnancy body. One day I was headed to the duck pond in Ridgewood with Avery for our usual morning walk. I spotted a new storefront with a beautifully etched sign. I googled the Bar Method on my phone and I decided to try it.

“I get compliments from friends and co-workers on how good I look, & the best part is, I feel as good as I look!”

~ Toni, Ridgewood

My first class was challenging and I struggled to maintain my form. My instructor, Carolyn, was encouraging and told me I did really well for my first time. Carolyn told me to take as many classes as possible to see real change. I took her advice and proceeded to go almost every day during the month of April.  In two weeks I felt stronger and in four weeks I was one dress size smaller. I no longer felt tired. The more classes I took the more my energy level increased. The Bar Method became my one-hour of “me time”.

By the time Avery turned one in February I had lost 28 pounds and went from a size 10 to a size 4. My arms now have definition and my chest feels lifted. I get compliments from friends and co-workers on how good I look, and the best part is that I feel as good as I look! I have always been an active person and engaged in various forms of cardiovascular activity. In the past, I lost motivation spending an hour and a half at the gym and seeing minimal results. The Bar Method classes are well choreographed and concise. The instructors want me to succeed and my classmates are so friendly. I look forward to the challenge of completing that hard hour every time I walk in the door. My new goal? To wear a bikini this summer!